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Water and Lotec… since 1843!

Water is our most important source of life. Water not only inspires us, but also provides us with the necessary energy and life force to perform. As versatile, changing and exciting as water can be, in its purest form it is completely transparent, colourless, odourless and tasteless. In order to create and maintain such a degree of purity, we need to take good care of water. As specialists of swimming pool water, we are well aware of this responsibility. Consequently, since 1843, our company has been designing water facilities, and in the last fifty years, we have completely focused our activities on swimming pools and recreational systems.


By now, we have become an absolute specialist with our central focus on high-quality water for swimming. Using modern and new technologies and efficient solutions, we do our utmost to create innovative systems and management systems that give water an extra dimension. In many cases, these systems are designed on our drawing board. We therefore dare say that we have won our spurs as an all-inclusive installer in the field of swimming pools. The name Lotec is a guarantee for the highest water quality of your swimming pool. «After all, your experience with water is inextricably connected with our reputation.

Discover Waterproof H2O Technology, discover Lotec!

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