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Due to our experience, knowledge and expertise about water, through the years, we have been asked by various bodies to think along about how water can be used in the rehabilitation of top athletes, disabled people and people with a temporary injury. Examples of this are football clubs, such as PSV, Willem II and Vitesse; rehabilitation centres throughout the country, such as Blixembosch in Eindhoven; or hospitals, such as the Orbis in Sittard.

The healing effect of water

By now, everyone is familiar with and believes in the healing effect of water. Water currents that activate the body help us to recover faster from injuries and challenge us to move our bodies.
In this framework, Lotec has been working for years with experienced medical specialists and aqua-therapists to develop swimming pool systems that allow them to effectively help patients in their recovery.

Against the current

The quality of the water is naturally important in therapeutic pools. However, also regulation of the water force, the resulting currents, adjustment of the speed of the treadmills and monitoring by means of cameras and sensors is possible. In order to excel in all these aspects, in close collaboration with external parties, we have already developed various therapeutic pools in which such systems have been integrated. Depending on the physical need, our therapeutic pools can be further supplemented with underwater windows, nozzles and jets with various current powers.

Customised work

Our hydrotherapy applications comply with the highest requirements and in some cases, have even developed into the standard in this branch of sport. However, just like patients, a therapeutic pool cannot always be standardised. In practice, this means you are looking for customised work. Depending on your specialty and based on our network and knowledge, we can provide you with well-founded advice on how you should design your swimming pool and which water systems are necessary to realise your hydrotherapeutic pool. In addition to the necessary hardware, this of course also includes the indispensable software to monitor the progress of your patients.

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