Wellness at Home

Wellness @ Home

If you have the possibility, nothing exceeds having a personal wellness experience @Home. Ultimate relaxation and winding down at home. In an environment where you feel completely at ease. At the moment that you want to enjoy the pleasant effect of water on the body and mind without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Nothing is impossible, everything is possible!

Your own swimming pool, spa or sauna is of course no longer exclusively a luxury of chic hotels or luxurious wellness resorts. With Lotec you have the opportunity to create the ultimate wellness experience @Home. Suitable to your environment, personal wishes and budget. Nothing is impossible, everything is possible. Our extensive expertise in the area of private pools and spas allows us to take care of everything for you, even completely taking care of the entire construction for you. And we do this of course in close collaboration with your architect and building contractor.

Taking into consideration the available space and the location, we can design your pool in any size and if so desired, completely hidden from view. For example, with a press of a button, a terrace floor disappears under water to let a beautiful outdoor swimming pool appear. Or the other way around, to make room for an enjoyable get-together. The same applies for our spas; these also can be adapted to your mood with a simple press of a button. And of course, the quality and temperature of the water are always guaranteed. Regardless of whether it concerns an indoor or an outdoor swimming pool. Without you having to worry at all about the technical installation.

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