Waterspeeltuinen en Attracties

Water playgrounds & Water Rides

Keeping up with the times means thinking along with customers and principals. Though water has a magical effect on children, this generation loves imaginative water rides with which they identify. Something that we have been doing for more than a century and know exactly how to carry out.

Challenge us!

Standard products and solutions often come to mind when designing water playgrounds and water rides. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, we also have standard solutions and products in our portfolio in order to offer everyone what they want. However, nothing is too crazy for us and we like to be challenged. It will not be the first time that we translate a customer’s wish into a product that has never been created anywhere in the world. Our Surfrider is probably one of the best examples. Also our Rocket Plunge experience is a spectacular attraction and that is putting it mildly.

Have fun!

Water is fun. Fun is water. The attraction water holds for children is huge. However, for the younger children, especially for their parents, a swimming pool is sometimes a bridge too far. A water playground, in any shape or design, can be the perfect solution for this. In addition, it is also a financially attractive solution that distinguishes your facility from other parks and swimming pools. Of course we also ensure that the water quality and consumption costs match your imagination.

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