To those who know us, it comes as no surprise when we say that we like to be challenged. Our technicians and engineers love thinking out of the box. Without losing sight, not even for a second, of the water quality and of our basic principle that filters are the heart of our systems.

Especially for you!

So challenge us and let us surprise you! Whether it concerns a new accommodation for the penguins, sea lions or ice bears in Ouwehands Zoo, for instance, or a unique wave fountain in Katwijk aan Zee, our knowledge of water and our technology make every dream, wish and application possible.

Sweet or salt, tropical or cold

Because originally we are purely a technical company, it is not so surprising that we always are looking for new technologies and technical solutions that allow our water treatment systems to generate the highest quality of water possible. Sweet or salt, tropical or cold; our systems perform excellently under all conditions. With results that are three times purer than the purest mineral water and the lowest costs per cubic meter of water. Because we are so energy and quality conscious, you can be sure that we are the right address for special applications.

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