Spa, Sauna & Thermen

Spa, Sauna & Thermae

You want to give your guests a short holiday experience. A wonderful day or evening without any cares. A moment of rest for yourself, in an environment that offers all the space to relax. Really a day away from everything without having to think of anything. Just like you don’t have to think about the operation of the systems, which guarantee the water quality of the swimming pools, spas and plunge dip pools.

It has to be perfect!

Everything should fit and your guests should not miss anything. Guaranteed clean and fresh water of the highest quality that complies with every standard and requirement. And this, day in, day out, indoors as well as outdoors. In this sector, Lotec has already left its mark on dozens of projects. Each of these projects has resulted in beautiful wellness resorts where we supplied the systems for the spas as well as the indoor, outdoor and plunge dip pools. Thanks to thought-out engineering, our systems can face up to any scenario and they always deliver the desired performance. Our engineers like to be challenged with your vision on wellness. Preferably, we are part of the process from the beginning in order to create the ultimate wellness feeling as well as design the most efficient system.

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