Special Products

Special Products

Continuous dosage with the Lotec Bicarbonate dose cell B250/B400

You need to treat your water if you want to keep the degree of acidity (pH value), and thus the disinfecting effect, as stable as possible. In order to limit the fluctuation, you must add bicarbonate. This is also monitored. According to the law, at least 61 mg/l should be added to public and semi-public pools. Many people are unfamiliar with bicarbonate. You must add the right dosage of bicarbonate on a daily basis, often several times per day. Lotec has developed a unique device for this purpose, the bicarbonate dose cell. This smart device automatically and gradually adds the required dose of bicarbonate to the swimming pool water. The device has a long-term supply and does not clog. You don’t have to do anything! You no longer need to add this manually, as was done in the past. The Lotec Bicarbonate dose cell is available separately and Lotec connects the device to your new or existing swimming pool system in no time.

The Lotec Hair Catcher

The outlet of water from the pool first goes through the hair catcher before it goes to the filter. Here larger waste is collected, such as plasters, hairpins and the like. The dirtier the hair catcher gets, the more resistance it creates and that consumes more energy. However, the Lotec hair catcher is unique. Because an eccentric current is created, the resistance can be restricted to a minimum, also in cases of heavier pollution in the hair catcher. This is important for optimising your system to a low energy consumption level.

Wave-generating machine

For more than 30 years, Lotec has created and has installed wave-generating machines worldwide. By now we have installed more than 150 systems. The principle of the pneumatic wave-generator with the use of air chambers creates spectacular waves in swimming pools, zoos and, for example, a custom-made fountain in a public square. The system consists of a ventilator, a compressor, wave-generating valves and a control cabinet. With specially developed software, various wave types can be created.

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